You can actually do it, AT HOME!

You're So Road!

Instead of having to drive out from your home on a Sunday morning and having to spend P180 for a car wash, you can be the one to wash it yourself with these tips! You save on cash, and establish a real connection with your vehicle.

The mats where you and your passengers set your feet on, take those out and wash them with a water and soap solution. Leave it then to dry under the sun for 30-45 minutes, just enough time to catch up on the notes from your last class.

Bring out the vacuum cleaner that’s gathering dust in the house and remove the dust that’s just sitting in your car! If a piece of French fry got wedged between your seats, a short vacuum cleaner or a bag of wipes will do the trick. Your seats and dashboard would look and smell clean at the same…

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You're So Road!

College is often the point in students’ lives when they feel the most liberated; class schedules become flexible, parents becomes less strict, and the students’ hunger for adventure grow. For the privileged, this is also the point in their lives that they can finally drive their car to wherever they want to go, whether it be with friends or by themselves.

With such a small country such as the Philippines, a lot of adventure destinations are just a drive away. But as the saying goes,

“It’s not the destination that matters, it’s the journey.”

For some, the journey to any destination is just as memorable as the place, or sometimes even more memorable.

When you’re surrounded by good company, this is the time when you can have your windows rolled down with the speakers turned on high and your all singing your lungs out. For the less extroverted groups, this…

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TIRED? Think twice before you drive!

Road safety is the key!

You're So Road!

           Fatigue driving is suspected to be a primary cause in more than 20% of road fatalities, according to Transport Accident Commission. It is definitely a difficult task to drive whenever you are tired and did not have enough sleep. This issue is not just with long driving streak but with short drives too, especially if you are tired before you get behind the wheel. This is also common with students who drives after an exhaustive day in school and driving without sleep because it is really hard juggling the student life and other matters at hand. One student driver we asked told us that,

“I don’t experience it all the time, but when I did, it is difficult to continue driving because I couldn’t concentrate and after some time my head would start to throb already. And worse, I would be dizzy.”

           These scenarios are the result of…

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The Mystery of Rosebud

This 1954 film by Director Orson Welles talks about a man named Charles Foster Kane who had controversial dying words which reveals a fascinating portrait of a complex man who rose from inconspicuousness to staggering rights. The whole narrative revolves the life of Kane and his remarkable image in the society as a newspaper tycoon.

Citizen Kane showcased classical film making in its finest. The use of flashbacks to let the audience construct the story themselves and decipher the message of the film. The kind of shots utilized contribute to the construction of narrative which includes long shots and close-up shots.

 The last word uttered by Kane, “Rosebud”, made an impression to the audience and think of what that means. The audience seems joining the team who are figuring out the meaning of his last word in the film. The end echoes the beginning because of the appearance of Rosebud and the mansion where Kane is living. The film is worth watching if you are interested in classical film making and beginning to understand film from its commencement.

Mano Po: Chinese-Filipino Kinship

This Filipino family saga during the Chinese Revolution directed by Joel Lamangan deals with the Go family surrounds with varieties of stereotypical representations of Chinese-Filipinos and their communities.

Chineseness communicated in the medium transcend into the normative connotations of who the Chinese are in the Philippines especially during the time it has made and the time wherein the context of the film is based. There are still negative judgements when it comes to being Chinese which mainly involves “money” in all the relationships and interactions happened.

 When it comes to the way the movie is made, the interview with Richelle and Raf intertwined with the flashbacks of the film showcased classical film making which makes the narrative an attack in a unique way. However, there are certain shots which are awkward. Nevertheless, the acting of the actors are superb and they should really be commended because of their acting skills.

Rent: A Message of Love

This 2005 musical is an extraordinary story of struggles with career, love life, and the effect of HIV/AIDS on their community. This also represents the fluidity of gender and be able to identify their sexualities and be accepted in a community full of prejudice and bigotry.

The song Seasons of Love struck each of its audience heart due to the message it wants to convey that love should bind us all and love goes beyond each other’s differences and reconcile diversity. Director Chris Columbus has made the characters bloom in their own way and was able to dig into the real message of the film. Beyond the dancing and singing, the societal issues that it tackled and problematized have made the audience think of their position on how to stand amid of these crises among communities.

Overall, the movie is not just about entertaining the audience with music and be fond of the characters but also, it sends us a message of love every day of our lives. Each and everyone of us is facing a certain obstacle that we might not know, we should be checking on our neighbors and join the battle with them. Spread love and hope to everyone whatever they are going through.

Deployment of Sexuality: Stop the Violence

Ang Lihim ni Antonio is a 2008 film by Filipino film director Joselito Altarejos focused on the emerging gay sexuality of the main character Antonio who is a 15-year old teenager. The film tackled how society created standards that alienate those who choose to deviate from gender norms and how Antonio overcome such ascendancies.

The disposition of Antonio knowing his identity and sexuality is a very common case in the Philippines wherein many people (during the time the film was produced) are repressed due to societal discrimination and stigma. The acknowledgment of gender fluidity was a cellar dweller issue to start with even in small conversations. Sex, sexuality and gender are somewhat a thing not to talked about. However, this film presented the struggle of those who try to swerve from normative standards.

The film has showed how gay men are taken advantage of due to their vulnerability which turned into sexual violence. Because of the instilled “maleness” in the minds of many, they have thought of them as superiors and dominate those who are weak, for instance is the case of Jonbert and Antonio in the latter part of the film. This communicates that violence comes from different forms. Therefore, we must recognize that violence against gender and sexuality has not stopped yet and we must speak out and act on this.